Areas & Aspirations

OppNotts’ Areas

OppNotts will take you on a journey of exploration that’ll challenge and test you through a wide range of exciting experiences. Sometimes you’ll find activities you’re used to, other times it’ll be something you’ve never done before. Whatever the challenge, we’re sure you’ll find it fun.

You’ll find that many of the challenges are related to different activity areas:


Get creative with activities like drawing, painting, photography, writing, making music, acting & dancing.

Through OppNotts challenges, you’ll get the chance to develop your artistic potential and maybe even discover a talent you never knew you had! The city has a whole load of clubs, groups and world-class arts venues to help you along the way.

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Out & About

There are some amazing things to do and discover outdoors – plus, you don’t have to go far to find them.

OppNotts will challenge you to explore your local area, discover more and get adventurous . Through physical activities and working with others, you’ll also find out more about yourself and what you’re capable of; maybe on a climbing wall or doing water sports in a canoe?

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Sport and exercise are not only fun, they’re really important for a healthy you & a healthy future.

You don’t have to be Gareth Bale, Jessica Ennis-Hill or Andy Murray to take part in sport, it’s all about having a go, staying fit and enjoying yourself. You’ll find opportunities at school, local clubs, leisure centres and many other places across the city.

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Our World

Learn about different people by learning languages, trying different foods & finding out about beliefs and customs.

We want you to develop a greater understanding and respect for our world, its environment and peoples. Make friends from all over the planet and find out more about Nottingham and where you call home too. Finally, learn to protect it by caring for nature and the environment. It’s a big world out there – so let’s explore!

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You’re amazing and we want you to know that. We want you to try new things, learn new skills & grow your confidence.

Developing as a person is part of growing up. Not only will this help you at school but it’ll also help you throughout your life – as you make friends, continue learning and get the job you want. We want you to be healthy, safe, considerate of others and able to deal with situations in a grown-up way.

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Skills & Understanding

Develop your skills with OppNotts and give yourself great opportunities to put what you know into practice.

English, science and maths are key parts of many challenges and you’ll be asked to think about and record what you’ve achieved too. You’ll develop your planning and organisation talents, discover practical uses for these skills and see the role they play from working out your finances to applying for a job.

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Opp Notts' Aspirations

Through your journey with OppNotts, we want to support you developing key aspirational life skills, which will be hugely useful in later life in the worlds of work, further education and family. From building your confidence to understanding the importance of teamwork, these 12 paired-up Aspirations are a core element of how OppNotts works and develops activities for you.

You’ll find that we’ve designed the activities to develop these aspirations:

Inspired & Informed

Aim high with where you’re heading but make sure you’ve got a plan for how to get there!

Be inspired to try anything and everything! Nothing can stop you with OppNotts, however you’ll also need to be able to identify the opportunities available to you about how to achieve this!

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Resilient & Resourceful

You’re tough & have all you need to succeed: especially the sticking power & skills to stay the course!

On any journey, there will be knock backs but we want you to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and keep going whilst learning from it too! Be sure to utilise all the brilliant skills you’ve picked up along the way as well!

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Confident & Cooperative

You have the self-belief to take the lead but remember that some things can only be achieved by working together!

You know that you’re really good at loads of things and have the drive to make yourself succeed by thinking positive, working positive, being positive. But, many hands make light work: it’s key to work as part of a team sometimes!

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Ambitious & Accountable

The sky’s the limit if that’s where you want to go! But you’ll have to work hard to get there.

Be ambitious and aim high! Of course, getting there will be tough but surely that means the reward will be even sweeter! Be sure, too, to be responsible for your own actions – learning from things that didn’t go 100% to plan.

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Engaged & Expressive

OppNotts is all about you finding your talent – something you really engage with and are good at!

Surely you want to do things you enjoy and are good at!? This will also help you work creatively and use your initiative in a whole range of situations! Plus, communicating and expressing yourself clearly is an vital life skill.

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Achieving & Accomplished

This isn’t all about you “achieving” compared with other people – it’s about you achieving what you want!

Set yourself targets for what you want to achieve with milestone goals along the way. You’ll have to be proactive in working toward these targets but, with support, you can do it – achieving & accomplishing what you set out to do.

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